South African National Cannabis Master Plan

The National Cannabis Master Plan for the development of the South African cannabis and hemp Industries.

The ICBT Cannabis Research Division is currently engaged in the development of a proposal for the South African National Cannabis Master Plan (SAMP) as requested by the Economic Research and Coordination unit of Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the DTIC). The purpose of this undertaking is to conduct comprehensive scoping and research exercise to provide accurate, current, and quantifiable data of the South African Cannabis industry. This would inform the development of appropriate interventions to support the longer-term growth of the industry and be inclusive of existing capacity and structure of the industry, the regulatory and institutional public and private sector environment, barriers and constraints as well as market failures and opportunities for the sector.

South Africa is contemplating the establishment of the Cannabis industry in order to diversify the economy and to increase economic growth, create jobs and for poverty alleviation. Thus, a decision had been taken to develop the National Cannabis Master Plan that will provide a broad framework for the development and growth of this industry. Government approved the Re-invigorated Industrial Strategy (RIS) for South Africa in June 2019 for the development of sector-focused Master Plans in 15 priority sectors, with cannabis as one of the prioritized sectors. The scope of the master plan includes hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) and dagga (C.Sativa), covering the Medicinal use, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Industrial use and Recreational use.

A Master Plan is a comprehensive plan of action developed by Government, Business and Labour which seeks to achieve a common policy objective e.g. protect jobs, create jobs, deepen capabilities in the sector, expand exports, and/or prepare for the impact of possible policy changes.

The ICBT – Cannabis Research Division wishes to consult with National Cannabis licensed producers and permitted hemp cultivators in order to develop a SAMP report which is both accurate and relevant to the South African Cannabis sector.

We hope that you and your company will become activate participants in this process of establishing a national cannabis sector on a solid platform. Should you wish to be an active participant in the development of the South African Cannabis Master Plan, please send us an email with a short background of your company and your contact details to the following email addresses:

Hemp Producers:

Cannabis Licensed Producers:

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