Back to Basics: Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101 ~ There are three main types or subspecies of cannabis plants: Sativa, Indica, and a hybrid. On one side of the cannabis spectrum, Sativa types are great for daily consumption as they offer an energizing feeling and creative thinking while being clear-headed and focused. They are known as producing a mental high with an uplifting feeling of euphoria and relaxation.

On the other side of the spectrum, Indica types offer deep physical and mental relaxation which are great for combating insomnia, anxiety, and physical tension. Everything else on the spectrum falls within a hybrid; a hybrid is a mixture of both Sativa and Indica, and are often more dominant
in one or the other.

Hybrid types are great, if either the energising effects of a Sativa make you anxious, or if the sedating effects of an Indica make you too groggy after a night’s sleep. Depending on your specific needs, the types help you navigate your way across the cannabis lands to help you choose the right strain for you and your physical and mental needs.

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