Choosing the Right Strain for You

Cannabis is known to increase creative thinking which is definitely seen in the colourful names of strains, such as Fat Banana, Blue Dream, and Train Wreck.

The bizarre names of cannabis strains can occasionally confuse our choices. Most of us know the moment of choosing a strain
based on its surreal name, hoping we would experience our dreams in blue.

With over 700 recognizable cannabis strains, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right strain for your needs. But, we all know the joyous celebratory dance that happens when you discover the strain that is just right; that one strain that gives you the colourful buzz or the deep relaxation you’ve been searching for.

We also know that you have probably had to experience a few trial and error sessions during your discovery of the perfect strain. Possibly, either resulting in becoming a couch-locked potato when you wanted an energetic and relaxing high or a 2 am vacuum cleaner when all you were trying to do was get a good night’s sleep for once. So to help you along the process of deciding a strain without the uncomfortable growing pains, let’s get down to the basics.

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