Learn your rights

Everything you’ll need to know in an emergency please.
Visit this page to view all the latest cannabis laws and regulations in South Africa.

SOS Helpline: 063-174-0938

SOS Webform:  podio.com/

Download and print copies of THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT JUDGEMENT handed down in September 2018 and the POLICE DIRECTIVE issued soon after. Keep copies of these two documents at home and in your car.

This is written for you… policeman, magistrate, Cannabis user, grower or trader. From the medical patient who depends on the plant for relief to the casual smoker, frail pensioners, gardeners, artists, students, prosecutors, nurses, everyone who uses, cultivates or trades in this plant. Many people from all walks of life are STILL arrested on Cannabis charges every day in South Africa. Don’t think that you’re immune or invincible. Nobody is immune to this pointless arrest fiasco.