Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers
Strain Effects:
Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
Energy Levels:
31% out of 100%
Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla
THC Level:

Animal Cookies is a recent Indica-dominant hybrid bred by two legendary Indica-dominant hybrid strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. The effects settle in quite quickly once taken; offering a cosy and comfortable space of bodily relaxation and feelings of contentment. This strain’s powerful Indica creates a hazy and stoned high which makes it great for night-time users before bed. The narcotic effects of this Indica are quite potent, even for long-term users. Animal Cookies assists in relieving pain, inducing deep relaxation, and peaceful sleep. Because of this, Animal Cookies can be medically used for those suffering from chronic pain, severe anxiety, and insomnia.

Place of origin:

Los Angeles, United States

Growing Information:

Animal Cookies seeds can be obtained from their original breeder, BC Bud Depot, a seed bank. Alternatively, it can be grown from a clipping of a mature plant. Animal Cookies is best grown indoors as it requires a lot of nurturing from experienced green fingers. During its early vegetative stage, growers are advised to bend branches according to the surrounding space, and trim the tall, bushy, and horizontally growing lateral branches, to ensure happy flowering and consistent sunlight and airflow for overall growth. Animal Cookies flowers within 9 to 10 weeks and offers an above-average yield.

High Duration:
1 Hour
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