Haze Brothers, Original Haze
Haze Brothers, Original Haze
Strain Effects:
Happy, Energetic
Energy Levels:
81% out of 100%
Citrus, Earthy
THC Level:

Haze (also called Original Haze) is a cannabis variety with unconfirmed origins that serves as one of the genetic pillars of a huge percentage of today’s Sativa cultivars.

Online sources trace its beginnings to the 1970s, when Santa Cruz breeders known as the Haze Brothers cultivated Sativa seeds from a friend, fellow grower, and neighbor David Watson, also known as Sam the Skunkman.

Haze is a Sativa marijuana strain. This strain provides high-energy and creative effects. Haze first took root in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s where long growing seasons accommodated her lengthy flowering cycle.

Place of origin:

Santa Cruz, California, United States

Growing Information:

Today, “Haze” is often used to refer to high-quality cultivars with pure effects that characteristic of Sativas. Growers can purchase Haze seeds from a variety of breeders.

High Duration:
1 Hour
Similar Cannabis Strain:
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