Strain Effects:
Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
Energy Levels:
26% out of 100%
Berry, Sweet, Vanilla
THC Level:

Ice Cream Cake cannabis Strain is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossbreeding Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. With a name like Ice Cream Cake, you can’t help but be enticed by the strain’s flavour and aroma. Nugs are a pale green colour with vibrant, yellow pistil hairs and a compact and robust structure.

Place of origin:

Seed Junky Genetics, United States

Growing Information:

Ice cream cake produces medium/tall plants that flower in about 8 weeks when grown indoors. Small, tight buds with dark green and purple leaves, plentiful orange pistils, and a light coating of shimmering trichomes are developed. Yields are average to large but dependent on the breeder.

High Duration:
1 Hour
Similar Cannabis Strain:
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