Sherbet, Sunset Sherbet, Sunset Sherbert
Sherbet, Sunset Sherbet, Sunset Sherbert
Strain Effects:
Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
Energy Levels:
41% out of 100%
Berry, Flowery, Sweet
THC Level:

Sherbet is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, bred by Mr Sherbinski when he crossed Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with Pink Panties. Sherbet offers an ideal balance of an energising cerebral high while melting all physical tension away. The euphoric effects from GSC, and the deep, physical relaxation from Pink Panties, are great for easing symptoms of depression and trauma and igniting a clear head for dreamy, creative thinking. The lovely union of the inherited characteristics from its parents makes Sherbet a great night-time high after a long day to help you unwind before bed. A great strain for those with a low THC tolerance as its gradual effects help ease into the high and do not cause paranoia.

Place of origin:

Accidentally produced in San Francisco, United States

Growing Information:

Mario Guzman a.k.a. Sherbinski, a famous grower, is the founder of Sherbinskis based in San Francisco, and unfortunately, their seeds are not sold commercially, so a clone from a mature plant clipping would have to be obtained. This strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors, and flowers within 8 to 9 weeks indoors. If grown outdoors, a humid climate with a daytime average temperature of 21C is optimal. A bushy and short plant, Sherbet grows best if the broad top leaves are trimmed away to allow air and sunlight to travel to the bottom leaves.

High Duration:
1 Hour
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