100 Mylar Heat Seal Bags (115x175mm)

100 Mylar Heat Seal Bags (115x175mm)

Food Safe Heat Seal-able Mylar bags – Perfect for storing bud and seeds while keeping them safe from light and locking in the air.

Large Bag Dimensions : 11.5cm wide x 17.5cm tall (12-15g)

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100 Mylar Heat Seal Bags (115x175mm)

  • Durable – Our premium quality double-sided (8.5x13cm) (3.3X5.1in) stand up mylar bags are durable in material, resealable, and safe for food storage. Meaning your products stay fresh for long periods of time.
  • Sleek Matt black – Our sleek matte black resealable food pouch ziplock mylar bags are 3-mil thick designed for durability and protection against UV and water vapour damage.
  • Multi-purpose – Our mylar foil bags are able to store ANY liquid, powdered or dry. Our mylar food storage bags can also be used with heat seal vacuum sealers after filling for prolonged shelf-life of your product. We highly recommend impulse heat sealers.
  • Unbranded – Use convenient reusable storage bags and easy food plastic bag storage, using your own branded labels. Perfect for product packaging with design.
  • Odour Proof – Our multiple layers in our heat-sealable black-coloured zip lock mylar bags with ziplock seal work together to reduce gas and moisture contaminants as well as odours. The inner layer of our mylar bags retains oils and aromas to keep odor in while our outer layer design keeps gas and moisture out of our mylar ziplock bags.
Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 17.5 × 0.05 cm

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