E500 COB LED Grow Light

This high-quality, waterproof COB LED provides a full spectrum 3500 k output, yielding amazing results. The MSA boys have tested it out and have been really happy with the quality and performance.

Technical Details:

Input Voltage: 240V
CRI (Ra>): 80
Working Lifetime: 50000 Hours
IP Rating: IP66 (Waterproof)
Color Temperature: 3500K
LED Manufacturer: Luminus
Wall draw Power: 165W
Case Material: Aluminum
LED: CXM32 Gen 4
Spectrum: 360nm~780nm full spectrum light

PPFD @ different distances and efficiency/W

  • 1975PPFD @ 30cm (666.66PPFD/W)
  • 622PPFD @ 50cm (2.09PPFD/W)
  • 165PPFD @ 100cm (1.00PPFD/W)

LUX efficiency and height

  • 110000lux@ 30cm (666.66lux/W)
  • 33500lux @ 50cm (117.86lux/W)


Stock is tested before leaving the factory. Stock is also local and can be shipped Overnight or via Road Freight.

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E500 COB LED Grow Light

The E500 COB LED Grow Light is perfect for all your growing needs. This is an exceptionally well crafted and high powered light. It runs off a single, ultra-efficient COB LED. The wall draw on this light is 170w and is equivalent to a 500 Watt HPS Grow light.


  • HPS Equivalent: 500 Watt
  • Wall Draw: 170 Watt
  • Waterproof Grow Light
  • Plug and Play nothing else needed.
  • Sleek Design
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Bridgelux LED
  • Metal exterior
  • 1 Year Warranty

E500 Grow Light Certificate of Analysis






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