Grace Glass OG Series with 6 shooter

Grace Glass OG Series with 6 shooter Bong will lift you up to the heavens! It is made of robust heatproof borosilicate glass, formed in the shape of a flat base tube. You place your herbs onto the reversal-coloured bowl, coming with a handle, for easily lifting it up.

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Grace Glass OG Series with 6 shooter Bong – The bowl connects to a chillum through a sure ground of 29.2mm diameter. The smoke penetrates the tube through the chillum, so as to get filtered by the water before it reaches your mouth. The green 1x11Arm percolator bubbles up your smoke, for extra filtering, some ice notches can hold a few cubes, for cooling your toke, and a kick hole at the height of the socket offers you the option of enjoying a different toke angle. With the Grace Glass logo featuring at the top of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a cosy green mouthpiece ring.

Brand Grace Glass
Material Borosilicate Glass
Height 500mm
Diameter 75mm
Standard grinding SG 19 (18,8mm)
Wall thickness 5mm
Ice yes
Kickhole yes
Perculator/Diffusor Tree arm perc
Coloured yes
Print yes
Oil no
Colour clear/green


Grace Glass

Grace Glass offers a huge range of high-quality glass products, whatever you are on the lookout for, Grace Glass more than likely has it. With a massive range of high-quality bongs, Water Pipes, Bubblers, Dab Rigs, glass pipes and much more, Grace Glass really do have the majority of bases covered. Whether it be for recreational use or medical, you can rest easy knowing all Grace Glass pieces are manufactured to an extremely high quality. This is a company that is not afraid to experiment, innovate and push the boundaries in regards to the scientific glass industry.

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