Hotbox Rolling Tray

Hotbox Rolling Tray provides a high-end experience for joint rollers and bong owners. Magnetic lid and design that stores your grinder, papers and herb in style. Includes a 2 piece grinder

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The Hotbox Rolling Tray is designed to be the ideal ergonomic solution for joint rollers and bong owners. It easily stores a small 2 piece grinder, kingsize rolling papers and other small accessories. The magnetic lid securely connects to the top and side of the trays. Making for the perfect solution to display or store your herb gear. Take a look at our rolling paper and grinder pages to find the best rolling accessories for your tray.

Dimensions when closed: 14cm x 7cm x 4cm

Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable and natural option for rolling trays. While still offering the premium feel and quality of other woods and plastics. We recommend treating your tray with beeswax or other non-toxic oils.

“Occasionally, a development comes along that provides some optimism about our prospects for making positive changes in our living habits. One such development is the emergence of new uses for a species of grass that has been around far longer than we have. Bamboo has been used for everything from food to bridge building for millennia but consumers and manufacturers are taking a fresh look at all that this amazing plant has to offer.”



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