Mistmaker Humidifier

The Mist Maker is an easy to use Ultrasonic humidifier and fogger, perfect for your grow space with little to no added heat!

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Humidify your grow space.
The Mistmaker is just what you need when you’re dealing with dry environments. Plants require a bit of humidity to grow and unfortunately not everywhere is optimal. But with the Mistmaker you can add the necessary moisture needed into your tent.

The mist maker uses an ionization process to produce through an ultrasonic plate to create cold mist and water vapour. This is different from conventional steam humidifiers. Even though both produce cold mist, the unit temperature of steam humidifiers can affect the ambient temperature of your grow space.



Input voltage: 24V AC
Maximum evaporation: 400ml/h
Use ambient temperature: +1~45
Water depth use: 50~70 mm
Nozzle size: 45×24 mm


Input voltage: 110~220V/ 50~60 Hz
Input power: 20W
Output voltage: 24V AC

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