Multi Foliar Spray

Multi Foliar Spray feed spray for all cannabis plants. This spray is a ready-to-use, complete, general-purpose foliar feed for all plants. Designed to boost growth and promote healthier and happier leafy plants.

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Benefits of Multi Foliar Spray:
– Foliar Sprays are fast-acting.
– General boost to help the plant through stress
– Direct injection of beneficial nutrients to feed the plant.
– Nutritional sprays benefit plants above ground and they also feed soil biology and increase the stock of capital in the “barter system” happening within the rhizosphere.
– Increased yield of produce
– Better quality of crop or produce
– Increase flavours of crops/ produce

Directions for usage
– Shake well before use.
– Spray during the cooler, more humid hours of the day.
– Apply foliar spray when the wind is low.
– Apply evenly across all parts of the plant 1-2 times per month

– Macro Elements, N, P, K, Ca, S
– Micro-nutrients, Zn, Mn, Mg, Fe, Cu, B, Mo.
– Also contains organic acids, Fulvic acid.
– Amino Acids, Enzymes and proteins.
– Hormones, Auxin, Cytokinin, Gibberellic and Salicylic acid.
– Triacontanol
– Fatty Acids



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