Nido Pro grow lamp

Designed and produced in Italy with the most advanced technologies, the FELIX grow lamp is the most professional solution to light up your plants.

PPFD measured
Surface 100×100 cm
Distance 60 cm

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Broad-spectrum. The spectrum has been designed for indoor applications, it is formulated to cover the complete life cycle of the plant. In addition to blue (430-460nm) and red (630-660nm), the broad-spectrum is essential for maximum stimulation of important photosensitive pigments at different wavelengths.
Full 60% | Red 27% | Blue 13%

Broad Spectrum from the Felix grow lamp

Weight  4.5kg
Dimensions  110 x 105 x 556 mm
Supply Voltage  100-240 V – 50/60 Hz
Power 202 W
PPFD  585 µmol/s
PPF/W  2,9 µmol/J
Protection  IP65
Work environment  5-40 °C
Maximum humidity  90%
Life  100, 000 hours
Warranty  5 year guarantee

Sunrise/Sunset function. Any abrupt change can affect the yield, going from ON to OFF remains unnatural for your plant. A harmonious transition between day and night has a positive effect on the plant’s metabolism, promoting the production of Auxina, a hormone that controls growth and development. In synergy with perfect control of the climate and the nutrient solution, it has all the prerequisites to provide the best possible results. Function available only with NIDO GATE.



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