Prima Klima CarboCone (125mm) – Carbon Filter K3601 CTC80

Prima Klima CarboCone (125mm) – Carbon Filter K3601 CTC80 ~ Introducing Carbocone! A new line of activated carbon filters with the improved patented conical design of the inner basket provides great benefits such as extended life, increased filtration efficiency by up to 30% and even saturation of activated carbon.

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Prima Klima CarboCone (125mm) – Carbon Filter K3601 CTC80. Highly efficient filtration with activated carbon CTC80, same high quality as with Industry Line. High-quality metal press parts provide maximum stability and durability. The extra-long flange provides a secure connection.

Patented System: EP2735354A1

Recommended ventilators: PK125-L, PK125-2, PK125-TC, PK125EC-2, PK125-ECblue, PK125EC-TC


  • 30% Longer lifetime compare to regular filters
  • 30% Better adsorption efficiency
  • 100% Virgin active carbon CTC80 pellet
  • Service life up to 3 years
  • High durability
  • Effective particle adsorption and odour removal
  • High-quality metal parts
  • With pre-filter against dust


Prima Klima

The Prima Klima is a medium-sized company founded in 1996 in Bretten, Germany, which develops and manufactures air filtration, ventilation and lighting products. The company, now based in the Czech town of Radnice near the German border, has been earning the trust of customers from all over the world for almost 24 years, as well as a growing reputation for quality, consistency and reliability.

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