RAW Six Shooter Cone Loader

RAW Six Shooter Cone Loader ~ The ultimate loader is here! Designed to match your lifestyle, smoke 3 joints a day and want to load them all in the morning in one quick go? Fills 1, 2, 3 or 6 cones at a time!

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Inspired by an old Spanish millstone, just loosen the centre pin and dial the plate to the quantity you want to fill. Place RAW Kingsize Cones in the open holes, add your materials, fasten the top & start tapping! When you’re done, remove the top & press your Cone Loader base plate down on the table – the RAW Kingsize Cones will pop up like a toaster when you push down

How to use the RAW Six Shooter:

  • Remove the lid,
  • Rotate the inner to select the number of cones you want to fill,
  • Pop in your cones,
  • Fill the top with weed,
  • Close the lid and give the six-shooter a couple of taps and bang the shooter on the table 10 times


View the instructions above, or watch our instructional video on YouTube.

Pro tip: Only use genuine RAW Kingsize Cones with the RAW Six Shooter.

RAW Six Shooter Instructions


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