SanLight Q-Series: Q6W

Designed by SanLight in order to give them the competitive edge as well as putting them ahead of the curve. Introducing the  2nd Generation Q-Series horticultural grow light.

The Q-series offers users flexibilityefficiency and usability.

This unit will feel like the sun has come inside! Perfect for Easy 2,4 Grow Tent.


  • 245W Wall Draw (Dimmable)
  • 624 PPFD
  • 6.15kg
  • 90° LED Beam Angle (95% Light reaches the plant canopy)
  • 100,000 Working Hours

Modular Design:
Six high power modules make us this Q-series Q6W . Capable of producing 2,7µmol/J of broad spectrum light per module.

Less Light Lost:
The secondary optics guides 95% of all emitted photons directly to the cultivation area as well as protects the LED Chips from dust and humidity.
Silent Operation:

The passively cooled aluminum heat sink cools down the LED chip to temperatures below 70°C and connects light engine and power distribution.

Built For The Future:
Options such as power boost or dimmer allow you to expand your system‘s range of performance or adapt it to new conditions. Every light in the Q-series is prepared for this boosting and dimming function.
In order to run off of one socket, the Q-series units are daisy-chainable. The modular design of the Q-series modules makes upgrading them with another LED module a breeze.


SANlight takes great pride in their work. Only the highest quality products are used as well as rigorous testing before units leave the facility.

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Imported Austrian Perfection

The second generation of SanLights Q-series LED modules have been designed to extend the companies lead in the horticultural lighting market.

The Q-series uses the newest OSRAM LED technology with over 2.7µmol/J of power efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • PAR Readings: 624µmol/s
  • Broad spectrum, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit-forming plants
  • Power consumption: 245 watts
  • Beam angle 90°
  • Rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the cultivated area
  • Passively cooled
  • Protection class IP40
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Ready-to-dim (Modules are dimmable)
  • Ready-to-boost (More Q-series modules can be connected to the heatsink)

Specifications sheet: SanLight Q-Series Generation 2

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