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Online Growshop

We at Online Grow Shop have researched far and wide to make sure that we offer the new and up and coming South African Growers market at the top of the range in both HID and LED grow lights.

We specifically chose to only stock the Nanolux range of HID grow lights – Designed in the USA, Nanolux have developed a reputation for having the cutting edge new technology as well as reliability that includes a full 3-year warranty as well as new cutting edge technology that is not yet offered by other lighting companies. The Nanolux Cloud Control System is by far the best and most user-friendly control system currently available, their 1000w Hps de fixture has the highest luminous output of any 1000w de fixture including the Gavita’s and Nanolux was the fist lighting producer to offer the Ceramic Metal Halide Fitting in a 1000w option.