BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent (120cm x 240cm x 200cm)

Grow tents enable you to create a perfect indoor environment for growing healthy marijuana plants. The BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent is an excellent choice with many features compared to most grow tents it provides an outstanding setting for cultivating healthy marijuana plants.

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Whether your plants are tall or stocky, they require a grow tent that’s equipped with adequate space and critical facilities like grow lights and an irrigation system.

This BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent is easy to set up and use, and it provides impeccable growing conditions, allowing you to have a discreet and never-ending marijuana supply.

  • 1.2m x 2.4m x 2m (L x W x H)
  • For 2 x 600W Grow Lights
  • Space for an 8 pot growing system
  • 2 x front doors, 2 x side doors
  • 4 x 100mm cable socks
  • 2 x 275mm extraction vent, 2 x 225mm intake vents
  • 2 x 275mm air-cooled light socks
  • 2 x irrigation ports
  • 1 x viewing window, 2 x mesh windows

BudBox Grow Tents, The Highest Quality Grow Tents Available and the UK’s No. 1 Award Winner 

Strong Frame

Grow tents usually sustain a great deal of weight, and for that reason, they have to be made out of tough material. The BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent is supported by steel poles that are secured firmly against each other. The frame preserves its shape and symmetry, thus providing the perfect setting for indoor marijuana growing. A solid frame enables you to easily install automation like LED grow lights, drip irrigation systems, and draining systems. It’s also worth mentioning that this grow tent doesn’t have a vertical pole in the centre for additional support. Thus, you have more space to grow marijuana plants or install even bigger grow systems.

Easy Access to Plants

With regular grow tents, you must open the main doors to access plants and equipment, but the BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent features side inspection doors that provide easy access to plants and equipment. This feature is particularly useful when you want to reach the plants or equipment in the back without troubling those at the front. This tent also features a green window that allows you to look at your plants whilst preventing natural light (and pests) from rushing in.

Extraction Vents

Proper ventilation helps with dispelling excess heat, controlling humidity, and blocking pest activity. The BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent features extraction and intake vents that create a perfect growing environment. Good ventilation eliminates odours and improves the hygiene of the grow facility. Additionally, good ventilation strengthens the stems of your marijuana plants.

Irrigation Ports

Marijuana grow-tents are typically installed with automated watering systems to meet the high water requirement of the marijuana plant. Irrigation ports improve the design of the grow tent as the canvas doesn’t have to be cut out or the zips left open. Ground-level irrigation ports discourage water spills and they promote hygiene in the indoor grow facility.

Long-lasting Zips

From seed to harvest, it usually takes a couple of months, and during this time, the grow tent is opened almost a million times. If the zips are inferior, you might accrue expenses in repairs. But this grow tent is equipped with superior military-grade long-lasting zips that won’t have you looking for a replacement.

Strong Canvas

If the frame is strong, but the canvas isn’t as strong, that’s problematic. Both of them need to be strong so that they may increase the quality of the grow facility. The BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent features a canvas made of high-density fabric. It is dependable for supporting the weight of different attachments, prevents airborne infestation, and keeps the noise and odour from drifting out of the grow tent. A strong canvas can take a lifetime of abuse without caving in, but if a grow tent is made of inferior material, be ready to pay for countless repairs over the years.

Green Viewing Window

You don’t have to open the main door or side door to view your plants; you may look at your plants via the green window. This window doesn’t let in natural light or pests. It allows you to monitor the development of your marijuana plant without any intrusion.

If you put additional carbon dioxide in your grow tent to maximize yield, opening the side doors or main doors might cause the gas to flow out, but monitoring your plants via the green window ensures that the gas doesn’t escape.

Easy to Assemble

You don’t need to hire trained personnel or buy special tools to put together the BudBox Pro XXL Grow Tent. It is designed for easy assembling. You can set it up with ease, and if you want to move your grow facility someplace else, you just take it down without breaking a sweat.

High Performance

This grow tent is designed to offer the best performance, and every detail plays a role in the achievement of this objective. Whether you’re starting in cannabis growing or you’re a veteran, you can leverage this grow tent to obtain a massive yield of quality marijuana. Growing tents appeal to many people because they are affordable, discreet, and have utility irrespective of the physical location.



BudBox - Environment is everything

Since its inception in 2004, BudBox™ has been, and remains, the most trusted name in the indoor grow tent market. PRO XL (120x120) and above - green viewing window, double cuff vents, screened passive vents, waterproof drip tray, strong zips, lightproof, multiple ports, dual access/set-up, main door clips, access doors, canvas completely unzips for cleaning, 20% oversize vents, double-stitched seams, a huge range of sizes including pitched roof models.

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