Complete Carbon Combo

The Umya Complete Carbon Combo bundle consists of 10 items (1 unit of each product in a 20L bucket). This bundle is everything you need to grow healthy plants. Massive value bucket of plant nutrients/ supplements for all your growing needs!


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All the fantastic products Umya have to offer for a discounted price!

Whether novice or professional, this kit is sure to take care of your plants’ nutritional needs from seed to harvest.

Complete carbon pack contains:
– Hormone Cibus Spray
– MultiFoliar spray
– Pot Radix
– Pot Grow
– Pot Flora
– Carbon K
– Mosblend
– NC32
– CALMAG essential
– MultiKelp

What’s in the box
– 1 x 1 L Hormone Cibus Spray
– 1 x 1 L MultiFoliar spray
– 1 x 500 g Pot Radix powder supplement
– 1 x 500 g Pot Grow powder supplement
– 1 x 500 g Pot Flora powder supplement
– 1 x 500 g Carbon K powder supplement
– 1 x 500 g Mosblend powder supplement
– 1 x 500 ml NC32 solution
– 1 x 500 ml CAL MAG essential solution
– 1 x 500 ml MultiKelp solution



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